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Letter from Principal – TMGSS Fund-raising

Dear Alumni,

Some of you have left TMGSS for more than ten years and some of you may have just left school for just a few months. You may still have some sweet memories of your school days in your mother school. Our school has been making steady progress in the past two decades. To meet the new challenges of the 21st century, our staff has been making conscientious efforts in establishing a learning community and a caring culture in TMGSS, and we sincerely hope that our alumni can give us support in achieving our educational goals.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we are planning a repertoire of activities, which include Walkathon, Speech Day, Reunion Banquet, Open Day, Variety Show and publication of a school magazine. Details can be found in our website.

One of our targets is to improve the facilities of the school in order to provide quality education to our students. However, some of our assets are not provided and maintained by the Education Bureau. For instance, the air-conditioning units in the school hall and special rooms, as well as some ‘above-standard’ IT facilities. Seven years ago, under the leadership of Ms Doris Mak, our former principal, and the concerted effort of all stakeholders, we were fortunate enough to have raised money to install the above inventory items. The asset costs about $1 million.

The IT equipment and air conditioners need constant maintenance and replacement. Ms Doris Mak had the foresight to deal with this problem by setting up a maintenance fund before her retirement, and made a generous donation of HK$ 100,000 to the fund. The school has been organizing activities to raise fund for the “Maintenance Fund for Non-Government Inventory Items”. Up to 9.11.2007, four alumni have made contribution to our appeal:

Ms Liu Kwong Mei $1000.00

Mr. Chiu Ka-lok $3000.00

Mr. Lee Wang Kei $1000.00

Mr. Cheng Wing Ho $500.00

and the total proceeds received so far are HK$219,419.00.

As a family member of TMGSS, I appeal for your support to school’s sustainable development. Please send your donation to TMGSS, 393 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, NT. The cheque should be crossed and made payable to Tuen Mun Government Secondary School PTA.

Should you need more information of this fund-raising campaign, please feel free to contact Ms Fung Chui-chun, our Assistant Principal, Mr. Chin Hok-mo, our PTA adviser, Mrs. Kam Yuen Lai-fun or Mr. Lo Kai-yee, our advisors of alumni affairs.

Your generosity and kindness is much appreciated.

S.K. Leung